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Our Story

Furnome started with a vision to provide a better accommodation lifestyle to the migrating population only to realise later that the entire rental cycle needs an overhaul. The problem identified was that people moving to a new city tend to compromise on the lifstyle owing to uncertainity of the period of stay and lack of affordable options. Hence a product to provide brokerage free end to end property management to the house owners with affordable premium homes for tenants was created.

The journey started mid 2015 in a room with an idea on a whiteboard, a belief among a bunch of people, and countless uncertainities outside the room. Two years down the line, with a bigger white board, more believers, a family of 2000+ tenants and 100+ house owners to support us, we proudly manage 800+ properties in Bangalore. The team strives to explore the markets potential, immprovise and keep on solving the problem even more efficiently.

The whiteboard thrives for your ideas and the family always awaits new members.
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Our Team

Anurag Dixit

Anshul Mishra

Anmol Dixit

Yashwanth Jembige

Team Furnome welcomed us in Bangalore at 3 am. Starting then, they have been at their toes to fulfill each and every requirement we had. From changing & repairing every little thing in the house.. to changing houses within 3 months..they helped, supported & entertained our needs, sometimes going out of their way.

House hunting made convenient
-Aashni, Tenant

I have been extremely satisfied and benefitted with Furnome's services and am very happy with the way in which they handle tenant issues resulting in a hassle free experience. The team is always accessible and free to suggestions and is always adapting to situations for the convenience of owners.

Hassle free ownership experience
-Avinash, Owner

We have been living in the flat for over 4 months now and I must say that it has been a great experience. We have had no hassles as tenants, with a very hands off approach of ownership. The flat was in prime condition along with all the furnishings when we moved in. This is the only place where we found such a nice and spacious flat at an extremely reasonable monthly rent. We would like to thank everyone involved for making our house renting experience such a pleasant one.

A great house renting experience
-Piyush, Tenant

This is to express my appreciation for the excellent services which I have received from Furnome for finding great tenants and renting my apartment. The staff is warm and accommodating. Specifically the team is very responsive and updates me regularly while renting my apartment. The background verification that Furnome does makes the life of anowner happy. Please start the services in other metros too.

Making life of the owner happy
-Prakash Velamuri, Owner